When you get a hosting account for your websites, you could learn that it does not meet certain requirements which your script-driven apps have, or if your Internet sites are not doing very well, you could decide that you no longer want to run them, so you may end up owning an account that you will not really employ. In this situation, it is good if you can close the account and get your cash back because you will not be able to use the service for one reason or another. Some companies offer refunds - full or prorated, while some don't, so before you get your account, it is good to check not only if the service will match your preferences and requirements, but also what refund guarantee the service provider has regarding possible refunds.
30-day MBG in Cloud Website Hosting
If you subscribe for one of the cloud website hosting plans that we offer, you can get a complete refund through the first thirty days, no questions asked. We will not keep any money even if you send your request on the final possible day, so you'll have the required time to try out our advanced cloud Internet hosting platform and decide whether it will be suitable for your Internet sites or not. Our experienced technical support team in addition to the user-friendly Hepsia Control Panel will make the control over your internet hosting account and the solution of any issue you may encounter super easy, but nonetheless, we leave you the option to stop using the account and get your money back open.